Consulting Services for Bridge Teachers

Bridge teachers can purchase a license to use any of Pat’s classroom tested teaching materials. License fees include email support and prompt answers to your questions on using her materials or materials from other authors.


The textbook alternative

All you need to teach a complete course:

· Classroom tested lesson plans

· Proven lesson deals

· Hand records that allow students to make up their own lesson deals. No more boards to make!

· Permission to copy materials to distribute to your students: Pat's bidding summary tri-fold, handouts and written analyses of lesson deals


(In suggested teaching order. Click title for table of contents.)

· Beginning Bridge – 13 lessons to be taught in one or more courses. CLICK HERE to see the review of this manual that was published in ACBL's Bridge Teacher newsletter.

Use Pat’s Introduction to Bridge CD’s from Great Game Products to enhance students’  learning. Contact Great Game Products for a teacher discount.  CLICK HERE to read a review of the CD's from ACBL's Bridge Teacher newsletter.

· Planning to Win – A basic course on declarer play in 11 lessons

· Deadly Defense – 9 lessons

· Polishing Your Basics – 15 lessons that extend basic bidding

What teachers say:  “The students loved the lessons and so did I.”  “Thank you for such wonderful teaching tools.”  “I am giving high quality lessons with minimal preparation and hassle.” “My students asked me to thank you.” “I was having small classes but the word has gotten out that my lessons are great and my classes have grown.” “I was never satisfied with a beginner course – until now” “I don't get this kind of standing ovation with other material I've used. Thank you so much!” “My students are loving Polishing...they realize they need these lessons and keep talking about it...terrific! "

                 FREE DOWNLOADS

Pat created three teacher manuals to be used as companions to the ACBL Commonly Used Conventions courses.  These manuals are available FREE to teachers, courtesy of the ACBL Education Department (click on each title to download). They are meant to be used in conjunction with the inexpensive "Play Course" booklets available from Baron Barclay Bridge Supply where E-Z deal cards may also be purchased.  


Modern Notrump Bidding Teacher Manual Free download includes introductory lessons on Stayman and Transfers, which are not part of the Play Course booklet. The Introduction to Stayman lesson is a perfect add-on to Pat's Beginner Course.


Major Suit Raises I Teacher Manual free download

Major Suit Raises II Teacher Manual free download

Free downloads of additional teacher manuals courtesy of ACBL – Manuals for all five ACBL textbooks (originally written by Audrey Grant and later revised by Betty Starzec.)  


I am often shocked at how little awareness some teachers have of the resources available to them. As professionals, we have a responsibility to keep up to date on what is available to us and to our students – new books, new materials and new ideas. The following is a list of teacher-specific websites I recommend. Also check out the Links For Students page for more sites. If you find a problem with a link or want to suggest other good sites, please let me know.



ACBL provides a wealth of information for bridge teachers – far too much to list it all. After you’ve spent some time there, you will be able to find what you’re looking for. For those who haven’t done so, here are links to the pages I think you will find most useful. Click on the italicized links for more information.

Download Learn to Play Bridge lesson software created by Fred Gitelman.

Marketing Issues – This page provides direct access to:

1) Marketing Matters Newsletter - current and back issues.

2) Information on the Cooperative Advertising Program where ACBL will reimburse you for qualifying advertising - be sure to read all the information to make sure your ad is compliant.

3) Be sure to click on the additional links along the left side of the page for information on the following:

      Publicity and how to work with the local media.
      Advertising including templates you can use.  
      Tips on editorial standards and marketing.

Teaching Materials – Download PDF files of teacher manuals for the following ACBL courses as well as other material for teachers, all courtesy of the ACBL:

1) All revised 21st Century ACBL courses – Bidding, Play, Defense, and Commonly Used Conventions (originally by Audrey Grant and revised by Betty Starzec.)
2) Modern Notrump Bidding Play Course created by Pat Harrington.
3) Major Suit Raises I and II Play Courses created by Pat Harrington.

Student texts and E-Z Deal cards for the ACBL teaching materials are available from Baron Barclay Bridge Supply.

Youth Bridge – Be sure to click on all the links on both the left and right sides to access manuals and program information.

Information For Teachers
1) Read back copies of The Bridge Teacher Newsletter.
2) View a copy of the Handbook for Bridge Teachers given to TAP instructors.
3) Five mini-lessons from Easybridge! Program Director Marti Ronemus.
4) Mini-Lessons from Celebrity Speakers at ACBL National tournaments.
5) Find information on being a cruise bridge host and see updates to the cruise contact list by clicking Cruise Bridge Host on the right.

Information For Directors– View the Handbook for Club Directors, Laws, Duplicate Decisions and more using links on the left of screen.


  · Blank editable Convention Card

  · Blank "Fat Free" Convention Card

  · Blank SAYC Convention Card


Dealmaster software is a great tool for bridge teachers. Purchase it early in your teaching career. Don’t wait until you realize that you need to be more organized! (I speak from experience.) Dealmaster Pro lets you:
1) Input deals without duplicating cards and the last hand fills in automatically.
2) Catalog hands by bidding, play, and defense concepts.
3) Create large hand printouts so students can easily make up lesson deals.
4) Format hand analysis sheets to write up for your students.


INTERVIEWS WITH BRIDGE EXPERTS– Website owner, Michael Nistler, along with a variety of information, provide mp3 audio files of interviews with expert teachers Augie Boehm, Eddie Kantar and Gerry Fox.  

HEAR BARBARA SEAGRAM in a real lesson – this piece will help convince you that good bridge teachers are most definitely entertainers!


Kitty Cooper's website  Mini Bridge materials, school program lesson plans and more. 

Eddie Kantar's website – Articles, bridge problems, quizzes, lesson deals and tips plus ordering info on his lesson books for teachers.


Mike Lawrence’s website


Bernard Magee’s Mr. Bridge website – check out issues of Bridge Magazine and his email newsletter for lesson ideas.


The American Bridge Teachers’ Association has been the professional organization for bridge teachers from the US, Canada and other countries for over 50 years. ABTA’s annual convention provides teachers with an opportunity for professional development.