Practice new bids and conventions at home with your foursome using Play course booklets that Pat created for the ACBL's education program. Each Play Course booklet has a companion deck of marked cards to let you deal and play 32 interesting hands. After you complete a hand, read the analysis in the companion booklet.  A group of four gets the equivalent of four bridge lessons for under $15 per table!



Modern Notrump Bidding for intermediate students covers Stayman, Transfers and notrump slam bidding including Gerber and 4NT quantitative.


Major Suit Raises I is a bit more advanced and covers: weak major suit raises; why 4-card support is suggested for a limit raise of a major; Introduction to Jacoby 2NT as a forcing raise; major suit raises in competition including preemptive jump raises. (Note: Jacoby 2NT and preemptive raises in competition a e generally used only by duplicate players.)


Major Suit Raises II reviews major suit raises; introduces splinter bids and 1NT forcing (duplicate bridge conventions); and discusses passed hand bidding and Drury, another duplicate bridge convention. 


Play Course booklets and cards can be ordered from from Baron Barclay Bridge Supply.