Pat wrote a monthly article for the American Contract Bridge League's monthly magazine, The Bulletin until the end of 2018.  Click HERE to access those articles.

Download Pat's basic bidding summary for beginners and intermediates HERE.Note: You may see rectangles instead of suit symbols when you open this link.  Save the PDF file or download it and the suit symbols should return.  If you save or download this PDF file and still see rectangles instead of suit symbols, please let the webmaster know HERE.

Download Pat's Two over One Game Forcing (2/1) bidding summary HERE.
Two over One is a bidding system used by many duplicate players.  This is an advanced bidding system used by tournament players.  The information in this summary comes from our 2/1 courses.  There are various partnership agreements involved in 2/1 and not all players agree on all bids. 

Download Pat's scoring reference HERE.

Download Pat's Losing Trick Count (LTC) handout HERE.

Mini-lessons – click HERE.

Going back up North?  Click HERE to find an ACBL (American Contract Bridge League) accredited teacher in your area.  Also check with Pat to see if she knows a teacher in your area.  To find a bridge club in your town, click HERE.

Pat has compiled suggestions for reading, software, and bridge links for you:

  ·  Recommended reading and software – CLICK HERE.

  ·  Recommended Bridge links – CLICK HERE.